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dian18 will explain games of The Last Remnant.
The herd of single-player role-playing games on the PC seems to be thinning as the years pass by, with subscription-based and free-to-play, pay-per-item massively multiplayer games filling in. This game is have alot of things to do to develop the character, specially developing on weapons. With Square Enix's The last Remnant, the PC version of the Xbox 360 single-player RPG released in late 2008, those familiar with the game will find a host of improvements and tweaks made to the basic formula that make the experience more enjoyable. Yet despite what's been improved, there's still a disappointing lack of personality to this game world and its characters, an uneven pacing that makes it incredibly difficult to care about the storyline, and a combat system that suffers from a frustrating lack of transparency that keeps this from being something really worth playing.

As a protagonist Rush Sykes you set off in search of your kidnapped sister, eventually meeting up with a city leader on the rise, and soon becoming chaos in worldwide conflict that threatens the foundations of existence. It's a story that incorporates well-worn devices such as discovering previously unknown magical roots and having your initially selfish motivations miraculously loop into the story of the world at large, and even then doesn't do it particularly well.

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